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CYMBALHOLIC.COM | Enabling Cymbalholics since 2001

Founded in 2001, and its forum community built and served as a home for some of the most intriguing cymbal-related information on the internet. This was where inportant research on old vintage cymbals took place and was published online (vintage cymbal stamp designations, etc.), also where many independent cymbalsmiths-Mike SKiba and others-pulled information together and were introduced, where cymbal companies observed feedback on products, where enthusiasm and love for all things cymbals took place.

The website and forums closed in May of 2019 for a multitude of reasons. While there are no plans to relaunch a new site and online forum community as we once had, we have talked about a new direction and multi-platform presence at some point in the future. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, we can be found on Instagram using @cymbalholic

Thank you to all cymbal lovers from all over the world who participated in our community. You made it one of the best to ever exist.